University of Tampere

The University of Tampere
with its six faculties and some 15,000 degree students, is one of the largest and most competitive universities in Finland. The University maintains a close relationship with the city, its trade and industry and cultural circles, as well as with society at large. Historically speaking, the University started as a School of Social Sciences. This historical profile is reflected also in the modern curriculum of the University in which social and communication sciences combine with other disciplines. 

At the Faculty of Economics and Administration research and education focus on management and operational reforms of private-, public- and third sector organizations as a part of a changing society. The Faculty educates skilful people who meet the international standards and are able to cross the borders between the public and private sectors. This is made possible by a unique blend of economic and administration sciences, the individuality of scientific disciplines, a practical-oriented approach and a high level of education and research. At the School of Business Economics research is done and education is provided in accounting, management, and marketing as well as in several other fields of economic sciences.